“Getting youth involved in politics is really something special. People recognize the importance of the cause and will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goal,” said Turning Point USA’s new Illinois Field Director, Kara Hamilton. Hamilton, a long-time political player in Illinois, has seen first-hand how Turning Point USA’s mission of educating and empowering young, fiscal conservatives has a magnetic appeal to all types of political people.

In her first month on the job, Kara has spoken with several different political groups, from college clubs that are involved with our Free Market Alliance, to county-wide civic organizations eager to engage young people in the democratic process. “People know that our work is different; our work is important,” says Hamilton. “Everyone sees that our team brings a new energy and excitement to the field and they want to do what they can to help us.”

However, Kara has done more than just reach out to allies of the cause. Each week day, Kara visits a local college campus to talk with students about current political issues and helps them form their own political opinion.

She believes her work is successful because she does not tell people what to think, rather she “encourages them to listen to [her] side of the story and then seek additional information on their own.” Ironically, this engaging and thought-provoking dialogue is rare on college campuses, according to Hamilton.

These conversations are the reason Hamilton is so passionate about her work. “Not all, but some students’ minds are opened and you know that when they leave to go back to their dorm, they are going to fire up their laptop, really research the issues, and get involved.” Field work can undeniably be a tough and tiresome task, but with this attitude, Kara is able to bring a fresh and energetic message to hundreds of students each week.

If you are interested in helping Kara on a college campus in or near Illinois, please email her at kara.hamilton@turningpointusa.net.