An Open Letter To Turning Point USA,

As a young, conservative, Christian, woman living in one of the most liberal states and attending one of the most liberal universities (as if they aren’t all super liberal), I struggled to have a voice. I decided to major in two of the most controversial subjects: political science and economics. I was constantly beat down, called unthinkable names, and told I didn’t have a heart. I started to shut down. I stopped speaking up for what I believed in, took the pro-life sticker off of my laptop, quit tweeting about our lousy president, stopped wearing my Reagan/ Bush T-shirt outside of my apartment, and began looking into alternative majors.

I came across Turning Point USA on Twitter, and decided to apply for the Young Women’s Leadership Summit. I was accepted and without really knowing what I was getting myself into decided to give this “conservative thing” one last shot. I hopped on a plane in June and jetted off to Chicago. From my very fist interactions with the Turning Point Staff, my heart was forever changed. I immediately clicked with the friendly, lovable, and welcoming members of Turning Point.

After some of the most amazing days of my life in Chicago, I felt revived. Turning Point had instilled a feeling of passion in me like I had never felt before. Turning Point taught me how to be confident, proud, and strong. After an inspiring week, I was ready to get back my blue state and push on. The dwindling hope that I had for the Republican Party was ignited again, and I was not about to shut down this time.

When I returned home, I no longer felt scared or nervous when confronted about my political views. I felt empowered and excited to share what I had learned during the Young Women’s Leadership Summit. Turning Point taught me how to properly argue, how to stay true to myself, and how to be the best American I can be. As odd as this may sound, I believe Turning Point brought me closer to Christ. Turning Point reminded me of my priorities, values, morals, and surrounded me with wonderful Christian friends.

Since my involvement with Turning Point USA, I have become an outspoken conservative on my campus. I have joined many conservative organizations, taken on leadership roles, re-stickered my laptop, confronted my professors, worn my republican apparel proudly, became a regular church attendee, tweeted what is on my mind without hesitation, and became more passionate about my majors. Turning Point changed my life for the better.

I am so blessed to be apart of such an amazing organization. Whenever I am feeling low or begin to lose hope in this country, I know there is entire Turning Point family doing their best to save America. Thank you for everything you have given me. I am more than thrilled to be apart of the Turning Point movement.

With The Utmost Gratitude,

A liberty loving, free market believing, small government devoting, Jesus Worshiping, Proud Conservative Woman