View the list below to see if we have a Turning Point USA chapter at your school.  Don’t see your school listed? Click here to start a chapter!

Choose state:


Auburn University
Chapter President- Julia Murphy
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Auburn University

Jacksonville State University
Chapter President: Miranda Fairel
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Jacksonville State University

T.R. Miller High School
Chapter President: Ariana Holmes
Facebook: TPUSA- T.R. Miller High School

University of Alabama
Chapter President: Cooper Parker
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Alabama
Twitter Page: @bama_tpusa

University of Alabama – Birmingham
Chapter President: Tarek Midani

The University of Montevallo
Chapter President: Lindsey Collins
Facebook Page: TPUSA- The University of Montevallo

University of South Alabama
Chapter President: Brent Carr
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of South Alabam

University of North Alabama
Chapter President- Dustin Phillips
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of North Alabama


University of Southeast Alaska
Chapter President: Jonathan Cashen


Arizona State University
Chapter President: Nicolas March
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Arizona State University

Chandler-Gilbert Community College
Chapter President: Mackenzie Angelo
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Chapter President: Joey Cilano
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 

Mesa Community College
Chapter President: Jacob Trayer
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Mesa Community College

Northern Arizona University
Chapter President: Melissa Miller
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Northern Arizona University

University of Arizona
Chapter President: Samantha Barbee
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Arizona

Paradise Valley Community College
Chapter President: Marco Veloz
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Paradise Valley Community College

 Scottsdale Preparatory Academy
Chapter President: Mitchell Manley
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Scottsdale Preparatory Academy


Southern Arkansas University
Chapter President: Mason Powers


Acalanes High School
Chapter President- T.J. Collins
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Acalanes High School

California State University – Dominguez Hills
Chapter President: Joseph Laguna
Facebook Page: TPUSA- California State University at Dominguez Hills

California State University – Fullerton
Chapter President: Shayla Servantez
Facebook Page: TPUSA- California State University – Fullerton

California State University – Monterey Bay
Chapter President: Christian Sanford

California State University – Sacramento
Chapter President- Kayce Bezely
Facebook Page – TPUSA- California State University – Sacramento

California State University – San Marcos
Chapter President: David Skotte

California State University – Stanislaus
Chapter President- Anthony Borroel
Facebook Page- TPUSA- California State University – Stanislaus

Citrus Community College
Chapter President: Favian Fragoso
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Citrus Community College

Idyllwild Arts Academy
Chapter President- Campbell Dixon
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Idyllwild Arts Academy

John Paul the Great Catholic University
Chapter President: Benjamin Seamans
Facebook Page: TPUSA- John Paul the Great Catholic University

Los Angeles Mission College
Chapter President: Sebastian Aintablian
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Los Angeles Mission College 

Modesto Junior College
Chapter President- Austin Archibeque
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Modesto Junior College

Orange Coast College
Chapter President: Joshua Recalde
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Orange Coast College

Orange Lutheran High School
Chapter President- Aaron Donofrio
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Orange Luthern High School

University of California – San Diego
Chapter President: Kevin Michael Wilby
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of California – San Diego

 University of California – Los Angeles
Chapter President: Victoria Metzel
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of California – Los Angeles

University of California – Riverside
Chapter President: Carlos Serna
Facebook Page: University of California – Riverside

Saint Mary’s College of California
Chapter President: Blaine Bockhahn

San Diego State University
Chapter President- Monique Dela Cruz
Facebook Page- TPUSA- San Diego State University

Santa Clara University
Chapter President: Caleb Alleva
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Santa Clara University

Santa Monica College

Chapter President: Karina Lopez
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Santa Monica College

University of Southern California
Chapter President: Kevin Kennedy
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Southern California 

Taft College
Chapter President: Raegen Sorenson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Taft College

Pasadena City College
Chapter President: Givi Karbelashvili
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Pasadena City College


Colorado Christian University
Chapter President: Sheldon Long
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Colorado Christian University

Colorado State University
Chapter President: Liam Aubrey
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Colorado State University

Colorado State University – Pueblo
Chapter President: Dane Cornell

University of Colorado – Boulder
Chapter President: Nick Reinhardt
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Colorado at Boulder

University of Colorado – Denver
Chapter President: William Witt
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Colorado at Denver

University of Denver

Chapter President: Grace Atchison-Reynolds
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Denver


Flagler College
Chapter President: Colleen Turkiewicz
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Flagler College

Florida Atlantic University
Chapter President: Justin Musielak
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Florida Atlantic University

Florida International University
Chapter President: Juan Porras
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Florida International University

Florida State University
Chapter President: Taylor Montgomery
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Florida State University

Palm Beach State College – Boca Raton
Chapter President: Jon Carter

University of Central Florida
Chapter President: Joshua Ostrow
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Central Florida

University of Florida
Chapter President: Kiera Hornyak
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Florida

University of North Florida
Chapter President: Catherine Whitworth
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of North Florida

University of South Florida
Chapter President: Aida Vazquez-Soto
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of South Florida

University of West Florida
Chapter President: Tyler Ward
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of West Florida

John A. Ferguson Senior High School
Chapter President: Maria Perez

Saint Andrews School
Chapter President- John Morin
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Saint Andrews School

Miami Dade College- Wolfson
Chapter President- Onesa Sixto
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Miami Dade College- Wolfson

Daytona State College
Chapter President- Devin Sena

Oxbridge Academy of the Palm Beaches
Chapter President: Harrison Koeppel 

Ponte Vedra High School
Chapter President: Grant Burchette

Lake Minneola High School
Chapter President: Breann Bates
Twitter Page- @lm_tpusa

St. Thomas University
Chapter President- Nick Paul


North Georgia Technical College
Chapter President: Christopher Taylor
Facebook Page: TPUSA- North Georgia Technical College

Greenbriar High School
Chapter President: Madison Drummond
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Greenbriar High School

Armstrong State University
Chapter President: Tabitha Lamberth
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Armstrong State University

Oxford College of Emory University
Chapter President- Ryan Grogan
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Oxford College of Emory University

Valdosta State University
Chapter President: Dillon Rountree
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Valdosta State University
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_VSU


Punahou School
Chapter President- Melissa Newsham
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Punahou School


College of DuPage
Chapter President: Patrick Wool
Facebook Page: TPUSA- College of DuPage
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_COD

DePaul University
Chapter President: Anna Bauch
Facebook Page: TPUSA- DePaul University

Eureka College
Chapter President: Jordan Morris
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Eureka College

Illinois State University
Chapter President: Andy Byars
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Illinois State University

Latin School of Chicago
Chapter President: Eric Andresen
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Latin School of Chicago

Loyola University
Chapter President: Alexandra Adamo
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Loyola University

North Central College
Chapter President: Ryan Michalek
Facebook Page: TPUSA- North Central College

Northern Illinois University
Chapter President- Cody Clark
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Northern Illinois University

Northwestern University
Chapter President: Phillip Hawkyard
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Northwestern University

Notre Dame College Prep
Chapter President: Benjamin Polony

Southern Illinois University – Carbondale
Chapter President: Sam Wilson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Southern Illinois University

Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville
Chapter President: Jared Cross
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville

University of Illinois – Chicago
Chapter President: Dariusz Kusper
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Illinois at Chicago

University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign
Chapter President: Debbie Bernal
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

St. Joseph Ogden High School
Chapter President: Annalise Fritz

Naperville Central High School
Chapter President: Ashley Haddy
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Naperville Central High School

Deerfield High School
Chapter President: Jake Leahy
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Deerfield High School



Ball State University
Chapter President: Meredith Owens
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Ball State University

DePauw University
Chapter President: Jake Widner
Facebook Page: TPUSA- DePauw University

Franklin College
Chapter President: Adrianna Pitrelli
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Franklin College

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis
Chapter President- Bryce Moore
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Saint Mary’s College – Notre Dame
Chapter President: Christina Herrera

Indiana University – Bloomington
Chapter President: Mason Schweinzger
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Indiana University – Bloomington

Warsaw Community High School
Chapter President: Bayly Dobbins
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Warsaw Community High School

Valparaiso University
Chapter President: Carlos Cabaya
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Valparaiso University
Twitter Page: @ValpoTPUSA

Purdue University
Chapter President: Tyler Jonites
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Purdue University


Drake University
Chapter President: Kollin Crompton
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Drake University

Iowa State University
Chapter President: Haley Feyereisen
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Iowa State University
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_ISU

University of Iowa
Chapter President: Gina Jochimsen
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Iowa
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_UIOWA

University of Northern Iowa
Chapter President: Colin Brecher
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Northern Iowa

Des Moines Area Community College
Chapter President- Jacob Labate
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Des Moines Area Community College
Twitter Page- @TPUSADMACC


University of Kansas
Chapter President: Laura Bosiljevac

Kansas State University
Chapter President: Evan Steckler
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Kansas State University


Western Kentucky University
Chapter President: Luke Lagattuta
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Western Kentucky University
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_WKU

Morehead State University
Chapter President: Ryan Simpson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Morehead State University

Ballard High School
Chapter President- Claudia Deering
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Ballard High School

Saint Henry District High School
Chapter President: Matti Kerwin
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Saint Henry District High School

University of Louisville
Chapter President: Hannah Jenkins
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Louisville
Twitter Page: @tpusa_uofl

University of Kentucky
Chapter President- Emily Sallie
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Kentucky


Lafayette High School
Chapter President: Yoani Suarez
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Lafayette High School

Lake Charles
Chapter President: Abby Sonnier
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Lake Charles

Louisiana State University
Chapter President: Bailey Drouant
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Louisiana State University

Tulane University

Chapter President: Danielle Krefft
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Tulane University
Twitter Page- @TPUSAtulane


Towson University
Chapter President: Matthew Thumser
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Towson University
Twitter Page:@TPUSAatTU

University of Maryland – Baltimore County
Chapter President: Robert Thompson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Maryland – Baltimore County

University of Maryland
Chapter President- Nicole Catanzarite
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of Maryland


Medway High School
Chapter President: Isabel Nulter
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Medway High School


Hillsdale College
Chapter President: Jenna Biggs
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Hillsdale College

Ferris State University
Chapter President: Kendyl Kirkland
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Ferris State University

Central Michigan University
Chapter President: Courtney Lamparski
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Central Michigan University

Michigan State University
Chapter President: Alex Faggiano
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Michigan State University

Kalamazoo College
Chapter President: Jacob Gilhaus
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo Valley Community College
Chapter President: Erik Dirks
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Wayne State University
Chapter President: Jeffrey Pokreifka
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Wayne State University

Eastern Michigan University
Chapter President: Greta Dreyer
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Eastern Michigan University

Western Michigan University
Chapter President: Nathan Williamson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Western Michigan University

Saginaw Valley State University
Chapter President: Luke Briggs
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Saginaw Valley State University

Schoolcraft Community College

Chapter President: Veronica Stahl
Facebook Page:  TPUSA- Schoolcraft Community College

Schoolcraft High School
Chapter President: Nick Hayward
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Schoolcraft High School

Macomb Community College
Chapter President: Julia Kovacova
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Macomb Community College

University of Michigan- Ann Arbor
Chapter President: Erin Dunne
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

University of Michigan – Dearborn
Chapter President: Kristin Deckard
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Michigan – Dearborn

Oakland University
Chapter President: Samantha Keefer
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Oakland University

Grand Valley State University
Chapter President- Tim McKeeby
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Grand Valley State University


St. Mary’s University of Minnesota
Chapter President: Conor Gorman
Facebook Page: TPUSA- St. Mary’s – Minnesota

University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Chapter President: Madison Faupel
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Minnesota – Twin Cities


Mississippi State University
Chapter President: Colby Williams
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Mississippi State University


Carroll College
Chapter President: Carter Anderson
Facebook Page – TPUSA- Carroll College

Flathead Valley Community College
Chapter President: Kody Craner
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Flathead Valley Community College

Montana State University
Chapter President: Natalie Burback
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Montana State University

Montana State University – Billings
Chapter President: Daniel Barnhardt
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Montana State University at Billings

University of Montana
Chapter President: Nicolas Ream
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of Montana

Homeschool – Bigfork, MT Network
Chapter President: Laura Hartland
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Homeschool – Bigfork, MT Network


Creighton University
Chapter President: Justin Carrizales
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Creighton University

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart
Chapter President: Elizabeth Markus

Mount Michael Benedictine High School
Chapter President: Luke Mixan
Twitter Page: @TPUSAatMM

Union College
Chapter President: Bailey Dehning
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Union College

University of Nebraska – Omaha
Chapter President: Jacob Wilson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Nebraska at Omaha


University of Nevada – Reno
Chapter President: Katie Hickman
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Nevada at Reno

University of Nevada – Las Vegas
Chapter President: Ryan Brown
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Nevada at Las Vegas

College of Southern Nevada
Chapter President: Andrew Lea
Facebook Page: TPUSA- College of Southern Nevada

New Mexico

University of New Mexico
Chapter President: Cristina Nguyen

New York

Syracuse University
Chapter President: Carly Rippel
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Syracuse University

Farmingdale High School
Chapter Presdient: Matthew Pinna
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Farmingdale High School

Marist College
Chapter President: Mike Yelovich

Paul D. Schreiber High School
Chapter President: Cleopatra Myrianthopoulos

State University of New York at Geneseo
Chapter President: Jaspreet Kaur

Siena College
Chapter President: Ryan Weyna
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Siena College

Nazareth College
Chapter President:Jessica Field
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Nazareth College

Niagara University
Chapter President: Cat Burns
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Niagara University

The Kings College
Chapter President- Joe Enders
Facebook Page: TPUSA- The Kings College

North Carolina

Appalachian State University
Chapter President: David Cobb
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_AppState

East Carolina University
Chapter President: Gio Triana
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_ECU

North Carolina State University
Chapter President: Blair Borsuk
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_NCSU

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill
Chapter President- McCain Kerr
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Chapter President: Grace Fendrick
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of North Carolina – Charlotte
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_UNCC

University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Chapter President: Breanna Woods
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of North Carolina – Wilmington

Barton College
Chapter President: Amy Grubbs
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Barton College

Central Piedmont Community College
Chapter President: Emma King

South Columbus High School
Chapter President: Dylan Inman

Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy
Chapter President: Carrie Ruff

University of North Carolina Greensboro
Chapter President: Colby Weatherspoon
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Western Carolina University
Chapter President: Brandon Falls
Facebook: TPUSA- Western Carolina University

West Iredell High School
Chapter President: Anthony Ross

Heritage High School
Chapter President: Alexandra Lucas
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Heritage High School
Twitter: @TPUSA_HHS

South Rowan High School
Chapter President: Jason Rollins
Facebook Page: TPUSA- South Rowan High School

Wake Forest University
Chapter President: Philip Yurchenco
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Wake Forest University

North Dakota

University of North Dakota
Chapter President: Hannah Carlson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of North Dakota


Baldwin Wallace University
Chapter President: DaQeayce Swain
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Baldwin Wallace University

Bowling Green State University
Chapter President: Brian Berlinger
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Bowling Green State University
Twitter Page: @BG_tpUSA

Cleveland State University
Chapter President: Eric Magvas
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Cleveland State University
Twitter Page: @CSUTurningPoint

Case Western Reserve University
Chapter President- Ethan Glickstein
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Case Western Reserve University

Kent State University
Chapter President: Zach Morris
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Kent State University

Malone University
Chapter President: Chris Henke

Cambridge High School
Chapter President: Donny Erbes

Canton McKinely High School
Chapter President: Nate Stone

Streetsboro High School
Chapter President: Jonathan Cramer

Denison University
Chapter President: Max Siwik
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Denison University

Ohio State University
Chapter President: Devin Bilski
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Ohio State University
Twitter Page: @OSUTurningPoint

Youngstown State University
Chapter President: Andrew England
Twitter Page: @YSUTPUSA

Cedarville University
Chapter President: Carley Conley
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Cedarville University

Kent State University – Stark
Chapter President: Aaron Burman
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Kent State University at Stark

Miami University
Chapter President: Abby Slagle
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Miami University

Ohio Christian University
Chapter President: Brooke Karmie
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Ohio Christian University

Wright State University
Chapter President: Alec Sears
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Wright State University

Ohio University
Chapter President: Matthew Taylor
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Ohio University
Twitter: @TPUSA_OhioU

University of Akron
Chapter President: Michael McCannon
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Akron

University of Dayton
Chapter President: Nicholas Readnor
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of Dayton

Louisville High School
Chapter President: Madison Ertle

Loveland High School
Chapter President- Josh Badzik
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Loveland High School
Twitter Page- @LovelandTPUSA

University of Cincinnati
Chapter President- Asha Patel
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of Cincinnati


Tulsa Community College – West Campus
Chapter President: John Nosak
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Tulsa Community College – West Campus

University of Oklahoma
Chapter President: Jessica McClung
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Oklahoma


Oregon State University
Chapter President: Austin McClister
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Oregon State University
Twitter Page: @turningpointosu

University of Oregon
Chapter President: Adam Sharf
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Oregon
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_UO

Portland State University
Chapter President: Reece Betcher
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Portland State University


Drexel University
Chapter President: Sigourney Heernik

Edinboro University
Chapter President: Daniel Hare
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Edinboro University

Holy Family University
Chapter President: Britt Thompson

Lebanon Valley College
Chapter President- Janessa Cruz
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Lebanon Valley College

Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
Chapter President- Lacey Deihl
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Millersville University
Chapter President: Morgan Faughnan

Reading College
Chapter President: Rachel Fisher

University of Pittsburgh
Chapter President: Ashley Butcher
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Pittsburgh

Westminster College
Chapter President: Matthew Causer

Carlisle High School
Chapter President: Mackenzie Jameson
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Carlisle High School
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_CHS

Penn State University
Chapter President: Kylie Anne Thomas
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Penn State University

Penn State University – Erie
Chapter President: Elizabeth Woods
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Penn State University – Erie

South Carolina

Francis Marion University
Chapter President: Jonathan Howle
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Francis Marion University

Clemson University
Chapter President: Kyle Brady
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Clemson University
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_Clemson

Coastal Carolina University
Chapter President: Jacob Lemke
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Coastal Carolina University

College of Charleston
Chapter President: Luke Henderson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- College of Charleston

Furman University
Chapter President: Anna Caroline Soldan
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Furman University

University of South Carolina
Chapter President- Mike Miller
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of South Carolina

University of South Carolina – Aiken
Chapter President: Matthew Faugl
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of South Carolina – Aiken

Wofford College
Chapter President: Meghan McCully
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Wofford College

South Dakota

South Dakota State University
Chapter President: Gabrielle Swensen
Facebook Page: TPUSA- South Dakota State University

University of South Dakota
Chapter President: Aaron Lict
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of South Dakota


East Tennessee State University
Chapter President: McKenzie Lee
Chapter Facebook: TPUSA- East Tennessee State University

University of Tennessee- Knoxville
Chapter Facebook: Janey Green
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Tennessee at Knoxville

University of Tennessee – Chattanooga
Chapter President: Hannah Weeks
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Belmont University
Chapter President: Hannah Brunson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Belmont University

Bryan College
Chapter President- Grace Graves
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Bryan College

Carson-Newman University
Chapter President: Tyler Williams
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Carson-Newman University

Sewanee – University of the South
Chapter President- Amir Kamrani

Middle Tennessee State
Chapter President: Dalton Cantrell
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Middle Tennessee State
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_MTSU

David Crockett High School
Chapter President: Emmalyn O’Connor
Facebook Page: TPUSA- David Crockett High School

Vanderbilt University
Chapter President: Andrew Haymaker
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Vanderbilt University


Antonian College Preparatory High School
Chapter President: Montgomery Flores
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Antonian College Preparatory School

Sam Houston State University
Chapter President: Joanna Rodriguez
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Sam Houston State University
Twitter Page: @SHSU_TPUSA

Tarleton State University
Chapter President: Myah Bowermaster

Dallas Baptist University
Chapter President: Melissa Mullen

Texas A&M University
Chapter President: Brandon Gindt
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Texas A&M University
Twitter Page: @tamutpusa

Texas Christian University
Chapter President: Annabel Scott
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Texas Christian University
Twitter Page: @TPUSATCU

Texas Tech University
Chapter President: Brittany Tidwell
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Texas Tech University

University of North Texas
Chapter President: Kimberly Murro
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of North Texas

University of Texas – Arlington
Chapter President: Estrella Gonzales
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Texas at Arlington

Baylor University
Chapter President: Connor Price

Houston Community College
Chapter President: Jorge Villarreal

Judson High School
Chapter President: Jeremy Romero

Richland College
Chapter President: Seth Sotelo
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Richland College

Texas A & M Galveston
Chapter President: Timothy Bucher
Facebook Page:  TPUSA- Texas A&M Galveston

Texas State University
Chapter President: Bailey Thomas
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Texas State University

Trinity University
Chapter President: Jonah Wendt

United High School
Chapter President: Omar Santos

University of Houston
Chapter President: Ryan Hiles

University of Saint Thomas in Houston
Chapter President: Austin Falcon

University of Texas – Dallas
Chapter President: Priyanka Hardikar
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Texas at Dallas

University of Texas – Tyler
Chapter President: James Hescock
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of Texas at Tyler

University of Texas – Rio Grade Valley
Chapter President: Melody Perez
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley

University of Dallas
Chapter President: Alexa Acquista
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Dallas


Southern Utah University
Chapter President: Austin Roebuck
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Southern Utah University

Dixie State University
Chapter President- McKayDee McDonald
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Dixie State University

University of Utah
Chapter President: Spencer Shuppy
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Utah

Utah Valley University
Chapter President: Shane Gunnerson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Utah Valley University

Weber State University
Chapter President: Daniel Doxey
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Weber State University


University of Vermont
Chapter President: Katie Lipman
Facebook Page- TPUSA- University of Vermont


College of William and Mary
Chapter President: Daniel Rutenburg
Facebook Page: TPUSA- College of William and Mary
Twitter Page: @TPUSA_WM

George Mason University
Chapter President: Cristian Figueredo
Facebook Page: TPUSA- George Mason University

James Madison University
Chapter President: Nakayla Irvin
Facebook Page: TPUSA- James Madison University

Liberty University
Chapter President: AJ Strom
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Liberty University
Twitter Page: @LUTurningPoint

Longwood University
Chapter President: Lauren Bencick
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Longwood University
Twitter Page: @LU_TPUSA

University of Virginia
Chapter President: Joyce Chow
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Virginia
Twitter Page: @tpusauva

Virginia Commonwealth University
Chapter President: Daniel Puryear
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Virginia Commonwealth University
Twitter Page: @TPUSAVCU

Virginia Tech University
Chapter President: Katie Burke
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Virginia Tech University

Roanoke College
Chapter President: Marie Brown
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Roanoke College
Twitter Page: @RC_TPUSA


Central Washington University
Chapter President- Alyssa Guyer
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Central Washington University

Robert A. Long High School
Chapter President: Aubree Hopkins
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Robert A. Long High School

University of Washington
Chapter President: Jack Pickett
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Washington

Washington D.C.

American University
Chapter President: Matthew Falt
Facebook Page: TPUSA- American University

Georgetown University
Chapter President: Hunter Estes
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Georgetown University

The Catholic University of America
Chapter President: Liz Friden
Facebook Page: TPUSA- The Catholic University of America

George Washington University
Chapter President: Luke Garoufalis
Facebook Page: TPUSA- George Washington University

West Virginia

Marshall University
Chapter President: Spencer White
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Marshall University

West Virginia State University
Chapter President- Calli Norton
Facebook Page- TPUSA- West Virginia State University

West Virginia University
Chapter President: Steven Thompson
Facebook Page: TPUSA- West Virginia University
Twitter Page: @TurningPointWVU


Marquette University
Chapter President: J.R. O’Rourke
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Marquette University

Madison Area Technical College
Chapter President: Jennifer Wunderlin
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Madison Area Technical College

University of Wisconsin – Madison
Chapter President: Justin Lemke
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Wisconsin at Madison

Carthage College
Chapter President: David Snooks
Facebook Page: TPUSA- Carthage College

Franklin High School
Chapter President: Danielle Lindsay
Facebook Page- TPUSA- Franklin High School

University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee 
Chapter President: Abrianna Koenig
Facebook Page: TPUSA- University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee


University of Wyoming
Chapter President: Grace Jackson

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