Turning Point USA is excited to announce that Amanda Owens, the Founder of Future First Lady, will be speaking at the Young Women’s Leadership Summit this June.

Sometimes it is all about the delivery of the message and not just the message itself.  The conservative movement and, more specifically the Republican Party, has had a difficult time connecting with both the youth and women of our country.  But after the past couple of years, a social media presence Future First Lady is filling that gap.  The Future First Lady brand is very well connected and resonates remarkably well with those two difficult to reach voter groups.  Future First Lady has a unique style of communication that has not only reaches both groups but also had the impact of helping them see the reality and not the gimmicks that the Democrat Party has crafted so strategically.  She has gotten tens of thousands of interested in politics, involved in the issues and is actually poised to increase voter participation for the Republican Party in the 2016 election.  To understand her credentials is to simply look at the social media following  she has created in since 2012 of almost 75,000 direct and very loyal, organically grown followers, and an indirect social media footprint of over 500,000 voters. Part of the reason she has made this connection is because mirrors their own image.  She is both a woman and part of the Millennial aged population.  She also has the uncanny skill of relating current events in a way that both these groups understand that it is truly relevant to their lives .   She does it all with a dose of humor and young girl sass.    We welcome the inspiration, the personality and that sassy attitude behind Future First Lady:  Amanda Owens.

Please click here to learn more about the Young Women’s Leadership Summit.

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