Turning Point USA is excited to announce that Heather Higgins, author, political commentator and President and CEO of  Independent Women’s Voice, will be addressing attendees at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Chicago this summer.

Heather Richardson Higgins is the president and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice. Ms. Higgins serves on the boards of the Independent Women’s Forum (as chairman) and The Philanthropy Roundtable (as vice chairman). In addition, she is on the NY board of UBS’s mutual funds, and is a trustee of the Committee for Economic Development and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Previously, Ms. Higgins was a portfolio manager and vice president at U.S. Trust. Prior to working in finance, she was an editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal and assistant editor at the Public Interest magazine; Ms. Higgins continues to write opinion editorials and has appeared on a variety of television programs.

Ms. Higgins is an accomplished woman with a tremendous amount of experience in journalism, political commentary, and leadership, as well as non-profit and private sector work.  Turning Point USA is very thankful to have her at the Summit.

To read Higgins’ commentary on current political happenings, follow her on Twitter @thehrh.