Earlier in the year, the NCAA banned crop tops, shirts (or in this case, jerseys) that hit a person’s mid-section, from being worn in a college football game. Ezekiel Elliott, the Buckeye’s running back known for wearing this style of jersey, launched a petition on Change.org that immediately sparked a public reaction.

Dallas, a full time student at Ohio, contacted Josh about tapping into this energy and excitement to teach students about the downfalls of big government and bureaucracy. Immediately, Josh and Matt launched an aggressive campaign to “Save the Crop Top” at Ohio State University.

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The headline of the campaign was attractive and magnetic. Hundreds of students stopped by the table to learn more, or found an activist carrying a clipboard with petitions. When the students stopped, Turning Point activists would explain how the NCAA and this specific regulation could be compared to the national government and bureaucracy.

According to Matt Dallas, the “response was overwhelmingly positive. Students were so ready to help out their classmate and understood that if this regulation is causing problems on our campus, other regulations imposed by the government are causing problems throughout the nation.”

Save the crop top

These creative activism ideas are what make Turning Point USA the most innovative youth movement in the nation. If you have any suggestions for our field team, please email Carmen Foskey at carmen@turningpointusa.net or write a comment below.