Turning Point USA is excited to announce the beginning of our Young Latino Leadership Summit (#YLLS2015). We brought our top 50 young Latino activists from around the country to Chicago, Illinois. We will be teaching these students all about how to be active and influential on their college and high school campuses.


They are all checked in and ready to go for their first full day of first class activist training. During this week of training, our activists will have the opportunity to hear from a wide range of guest speakers including elected officials, authors, and experienced activists.

Our speakers include:

Elba Aranda-Suh, Chris Garcia, Daniel Herrera, Norb Svanascini, David Shestokas, Andrea Rivera, Rachel Campos-Duffy, Brent Hamachek, Joe Walsh, Ruben Barrales, and other speakers from Turning Point USA.

Follow our program on Twitter through the hashtag: #YLLS2015!uy