Our second day of the High School Activist Conference began with a bang!  The students were excited to meet our first speaker James O’Keefe; guerrilla journalist, author, and political activist.  His experience exposing governmental shams such as ACORN showed the importance of students forcing political change through independent acts.  After speaking with the young activists James passed out copies of his New York Times Bestseller “Breakthrough:  Our Guerrilla War to Expose Fraud and Save Democracy” signing copies, taking pictures, and meeting our attendees.

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Next, speaker Adam Andrzejewski came on stage.  His presentation spoke about the effects of his nonprofit organization For the Good of Illinois. This website is a citizen watchdog group that works for transparency of public spending in Illinois.  The attendees had the opportunity to learn about the importance of clarity and simplicity within our governmental agencies.

Our last speaker of the morning, Joshua Parker, is a 17 year old entrepreneur from upstate New York.  Throughout the years his hard work and dedication has grown his maple syrup business from a 15 tree start up, to a successful business with a presence in all 50 states.  His story served as a reminder to the students that the American Dream is alive and well!

After a quick outdoors picnic our student activists were in for a treat!  Former Congressman Joe Walsh gave a rousing speech about the current state of affairs in America.  He emphasized the importance of student activism and spoke to the fact that the attendees were vital pieces of the puzzle needed to mend the many crisis’ we as Americans are facing.

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Students also received a series of training seminars led by the Turning Point USA interns.  Topics included how to give a speech, how to be an effective leader, and how to dress for success!


After closing announcements it will be time for a night on the town!  The students will get a chance to taste some local Chicago fare at the Spotted Fox Ale House.  While filling up on burgers and wraps, the activists will be able to learn more about each other and discuss their important roles back home in educating the youth of America.

Tomorrow’s line-up will be sure to not disappoint! Stay tuned!