Our third day together at the High School Activist Conference began with an reflective speech by Brent Hamacheck.  Mr. Hamacheck is an entrepreneur, running a successful business while staying politically active and authoring multiple publications.  The student activists got a different perspective to common social and political terms such as capitalism.  What does capitalism truly mean?  Who invented this term and how did negative connotations begin to surround it?  A thought provoking Q&A followed Brent’s speech where the activists spoke about how to make individual changes in their everyday language.

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Chris Garcia, young American entrepreneur, followed up as our next speaker.  His presentation “Only in America” highlighted the importance of free markets.  Mr. Garcia spoke to the fact that capitalism gives citizens the freedom to grow any idea into a successful business.  He showcased the growth of America as a fledgling nation to a global superpower and the role that free markets played in America’s success.

Before a quick summertime cookout in the Garden Atrium the attendees had the opportunity to listen to Issac Orr, a member of The Heartland Institute team.  His knowledge on fracking educated the students about common misconceptions of this practice.

After lunch, Charlie Kirk took center stage helping to lead the fight for Conservative activism on social media.  His strong statements represent his clear objective of using this media outlet to defeat the Leftist agenda running rampant in America. He rallied the troops, receiving a roaring round of applause after his oration.

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Our next speaker was Jayson Veley.  Jayson related his college experiences with Liberalism to the student activists, advising them to to break through the stereotypes used to silence the Right.  He highlighted the issue of indoctrination in American colleges, challenging the attendees to hold their future professors accountable for false presumptions about the Conservative movement.

Before the conference broke for dinner Charlie Kirk once again took the stage educating students on current affairs.  He answered attendees questions about policy and furthered their knowledge on social issues.  This info session will assist the students when they head home on Thursday, giving them a better understanding of the tenets of Conservatism.

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To finish up an eventful day the student activists will get their first taste of Chicago-style pizza at Giordano’s Pizzeria!