Day 4 of the High School Activist Conference began with an interactive speech by Gary Rabine.  Mr. Rabine encapsulates the entrepreneurial spirit, running a profitable business he is a self-made success story.  Gary spoke about the hardships that come with creating and running a business and how to overcome these challenges.  His emphasis on grit, relating it back to his negative experiences with Chicago unions, encourage the students to be passionate and to follow their dreams regardless of the obstacles they face.

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Our next morning presentation was given by Charlie Kirk.  The Turning Point USA founder spoke to the students about how to get involved after HSCON2015.  Charlie educated the students on different ways in which they can incorporate TPUSA’s materials to get fellow patriots involved in the cause.

Caleb Bonham took the stage after our Mexican Fiesta lunch.  Bonham is an internet sensation whose humor-based reporting has grown his YouTube channel to a well known media outlet for millennials, The Caleb Bonham Show. Mr. Bonham advocates for young Americans to speak on the issues that they feel passion about, regardless of Liberal targeting in social media. His presentation had the crowd laughing throughout, encouraging the students to think outside of the box in educating their fellow countrymen.

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Guy Benson, author and Fox contributor, was our next speaker on the agenda.  His newest book End of Discussion, spoke to the attendees about counteracting Liberal hyperbole in America.  After his discussion Benson sat down for a book signing, taking the time to meet each student individually.  The students had a great time meeting with Guy, many stayed around during lunch to get to know him better!

Our last speaker of the conference was none other than the President of King’s College in New York City, Mr. Greg Thornbury.  Mr. Thornbury spoke about the importance of sticking to our roots in education.  The King’s College dedication to educating students on sacred American documents such as The Bill of Rights and the Constitution make it a unique institution holding true Conservative values.  The attendees were excited to learn about this center of higher learning, asking many questions about the school during a Q & A following Mr. Thornbury’s oration.
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#HSCon2015 concluded with a formal dinner at The Barrington Hills Country Club. The students were able to meet the generous individuals who greatly support Turning Point USA’s free market, limited government movement.  Having the opportunity to grow the relationship between the attendees and the giving TPUSA supporters was a special experience for all involved!  The High School Activist Conference was an educational, empowering, and entertaining experience for young leaders in the American Conservative Movement.  We hope to see the return of our students next year, more energized and ready to continue the fight for the future of our country!