As seen on Drudge: “You can’t do it out here. Otherwise I’m going to lock you up.”

Students participating in Turning Point USA’s Free Speech Week were threatened to be arrested by College of DuPage campus police, according to audio and video released by those present.

These students were handling out Turing Point USA pamphlets explaining the problems with “free speech zones” and encouraging students to engage in more free speech on campus.

Then, a campus police officer, whose name we will omit to protect his identity, confronted the students and demanded they stop handing out literature and get a permit–or they would be arrested.

“You’re soliciting your opinions, ok? You need to go get a permit,” the officer said.

One student asked, “What is the permit we need?” Another students who had approached the group said on the recording to the officer, “I asked for [the pamphlet] though.”

That didn’t stop the officer, who said,”You can’t do it out here. Otherwise I’m going to lock you up.”

Joe Enders, one of the students handing out the pamphlets, said, “I feel like my Constitutional rights have been violated.”

“I believe the officer was forced by the college to do something he doesn’t believe in,” Enders said. “He was just doing his job–forced to do the will of the college, instead of the will of our Constitution.”

Nate Harris, another one of the other students, said, “His lights were flashing. It was very intimidating. We were just telling people about their Constitutional rights.”

Kara Hamilton, a Turning Point USA field director, was on the scene, and said, “the College of DuPage attempted to intimidate these students from exercising their 1st Amendment rights–on the day after Constitution Day no less.”

“It was chilling, but unfortunately reflects the state of free speech on many campuses,” Hamilton said.

During the encounter, the students were directed to go into one of the college buildings to discuss the situation with college staff.

At that time, Enders said, he was stopped from carrying his American flag into the building, for reasons unclear to those who were there.

“Apparently, carrying a flag is soliciting an opinion,” Enders said. “Needless to say, I am disappointed in my college right now.”

This story is developing. Check back with Hypeline as details come in.