Our Free Market Alliance is the largest coalition of conservative economic groups in the nation and its strength and influence continue to grow.

This past semester hundreds of student and community organizations joined forces with Turning Point USA to actively promote and encourage free market principles.

The student groups received activism kits with marketing materials, educational booklets and pamphlets, and exclusive invites to training summits and conferences. The members of these groups are prepared to directly combat the lies about big government and regulated markets.

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Multiple Free Market Allies and Turning Point USA chapters worked together at the University of Texas at Arlington campus to create the biggest, coolest, and most exciting Free Market Activism event ever. Cupcakes, dunk tanks and “Capitalism Cures” buttons attracted all types of students. Each group contributed to the event and helped educate the interested students about capitalism, limited government, and the burden of the national debt.


There is undoubtedly strength in numbers and our burgeoning Free Market Alliance is proof that strategic coalitions work. We are growing the influence and reach of our message every day. We are encouraging partnerships. We are building the largest network or free market activists in the nation, and we want you to be a part of it.

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