Upon being offered a Field Director job at Turning Point USA, I was ecstatic. I knew I would now be able to express my love for free markets, limited government, and free speech both inside and outside of the classroom. I knew exactly why I felt so passionate about these issues and looked forward to the day when I could stand on my campus and explain this passion to others.


My first day of tabling was the most surprising day. I had no idea how many students would approach us expressing an interest in our platform. Many would simply say, “What is this?” while others would pick my brain, asking “Why does big government suck?” Others would approach us and ask for posters, buttons, and flyers. This reaction, in my opinion, was even more encouraging; some students knew about these issues already and held the same beliefs as us.


Though it is evident that some students disagree with our platform, we have not experienced any over-the-top protests. I’m excited about the potential to expand TPUSA at Florida State University and spread the word every day that Big Government Sucks!