2016 brought a new year and a whole lot of momentum with Turning Point USA in South Carolina. Not only are our chapters at Clemson, University of South Carolina, North Greenville University, and Furman University growing, but so are the students’ involvements. Our students are getting involved with presidential campaigns, they are planning events for Turning Point USA, getting their friends and classmates involved, and so much more! I see so much ambition in our students in South Carolina – an ambition to change the country for the better and the drive to make being a conservative on a college campus the “norm.”


I’m especially proud of one school, Clemson, where we officially kicked off our meetings! Last semester was spent building our member base, getting the word out, and tabling with activists. This semester, we are focusing on growing as an active chapter. The students in TPUSA at Clemson are getting to know each other, supporting each other, and invite their classmates to join the fight for freedom. It’s so rewarding to see a conservative community growing together, and TPUSA does not only build communities, it builds leaders like the chapter president, student Kyle Brady, who goes above and beyond for TPUSA at Clemson.

At all the other schools in South Carolina, this semester’s focus is building and growing. We have our students, now it’s time to develop as chapters. Each school is off to such an amazing start, better than I could’ve ever hoped for, and as we approach the spring, we will continue to welcome new members into our groups. There is no doubt in my mind that TPUSA is paving the way for so many conservative leaders, and I am blessed to be a part in assisting to cultivating that.