It took nearly four months and the efforts of multiple dedicated activists, but a Turning Point USA chapter has finally been certified at the University of Pittsburgh. While waiting we were able to recruit over eighty members and work with multiple groups on campus, including College Republicans and Young Americans for Liberty. 

Pitt students are excited to see conservative views on a campus where they are constantly confronted by liberal ideology. They are relieved to see fellow students promoting capitalism and limited government, especially with the wave of support for socialism sweeping over college campuses across the nation.


Along with Pitt, I have been able to table at Carnegie Mellon University and work with the school’s YAL group. We are currently working together to get a chapter started. Other schools in Pittsburgh that I’m planning on working with are Duquesne, Carlow, and Chatham.

Although it was  difficult starting  from scratch in Pittsburgh, with our first official chapter however, things are looking up! Students are extremely receptive of our message and excited to get involved. Overall, January has been a great month for TPUSA in Pittsburgh and I’m looking forward to everything February has to offer!