At the start of the semester I was still in Iowa., and anyone who follows politics knows things get crazy come Caucus time in Iowa! It was nearly impossible to get in the car without hearing a campaign ad of some sort on the radio. Most Iowans are annoyed with political calls, commercials, etc. by the time the Caucus rolls around, however, for TPUSA the Caucus was an excellent way to connect with students and help mobilize them on their campuses! Students came out in droves to caucus and blew all expectations out of the water! Just before leaving Iowa I was able to work with a few student activists to host our first Chapter meeting at Iowa State!brea Now a week and a half after the Caucus, I have started to hit the ground running in Portland, Oregon. The challenge out here is a whole new beast, however, we’ve been able to use free market ideas such as Uber, to connect with and educate students about Turning Point’s values. brea1We have a rally to stop corruption at our Capitol in Salem at the end of the week, where we will mobilize students to come out and remind our legislators that they represent everyone, not just their fellow party members.  I believe through working with already existing groups across the Portland Metro Region we are going to be able to identify many students that are fiscally conservative, but have yet to figure it out!brea4