My time in Orlando, Florida as a Turning Point USA Field Director has been incredible. I have met so many great students and organizations that truly have the power to change this country around. At my University alone, the University of Central Florida, I have been given the opportunities to help other conservative organizations grow and become stronger. Now, most of the political organizations who table are actually conservative! While we have 5-7 conservative organizations table on a regular basis, about 2-3 liberal organizations do the same. We are really showing up on our campuses and the students are intrigued! Ironically, we have made it a “safe space” for conservatives on campus and it’s the left-leaning students who are are curious to learn about capitalism and limited government.


The University of Central Florida is the second largest university in America by population, so you can imagine how many left leaning students and professors there are. Sadly, I am witnessing them in my last semester of school, so that will leave some bad memories for me. BUT, I have made awesome memories with my activists and chapters to make up for it! I love seeing everyone table at the same time for different conservative causes. Turning Point USA has been a big aid as to providing activism materials on campus. In fact, we are the largest distributors of activist materials on campus!bl3

Some accomplishments that have come across in my time as a Field Director have been the fact that we have been connecting all these local high school and university chapters together and sharing events to attend. Not only are we doing activism at our own schools, we actually meet and discuss ideas to bring back to our school. We meet at mutual political events and usually stick together to help show that Turning Point USA is a collective effort and a community. We have helped 2 conservatives run for SGA’s Presidential Election at UCF. We also have disbursed our materials to more than 10 Free Market Alliances in the city of Orlando. Turning Point USA chapters is known to be what’s going to change campuses across the country to think right!