This semester has been off to a great start and I’ve had a ton of fun on campuses around Ohio. Students have shown huge interest in Turning Point USA because of our non-partisan status and how we focus on ideas that hit home with them.  Many students that I’ve talked to have explained how they have become bitter towards any type of politics because of this election cycle, but Turning Point USA offers a unique perspective.  Over the past month, I’ve tabled at numerous organization fairs and several students on different campuses have approached me wanting to start chapters

While tabling at Central State University, we received a tremendous amount of support from students, but campus police forced us to leave because we “did not have a permit to table there.”  Central State University is a public university, which means that we are legally allowed to table outside as long as we are not blocking the flow of traffic.  We suspect that the campus police were called because of liberal bias.   Minutes before they showed up to kick us off a liberal professor started arguing with us telling us we couldn’t be there.  While I think it’s important to respect administration at universities, we need to stand up for ourselves and defend conservatism.


I’m excited to continue getting students involved on their campuses and starting chapters.  In the upcoming month, I plan on hosting debate watching parties with over 300 students in attendance, a second amendment day where students have the opportunity to shoot guns for free at a range all day, and chapter meetings where we talk about issues that hit home with students.  Turning Point USA is changing college campuses!