What an amazing start to the semester it has been in the Old North State! I started my semester going to North Carolina State University, Home of the Wolfpack, in Raleigh, North Carolina where we went to their organization fair called Packapalooza. We collected over 300 student ID’s from their energetic student body. They were eager to join Turning Point USA because they loved the buttons, rally signs, and stickers we had with us. I also had the opportunity to speak at the NC State College Republicans meeting with an attendance of over 70 people, the majority of whom signed up for Turning Point USA.

My first week also took me to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which is notoriously known for not being too friendly to people who think the way Turning Point USA activists think so I was concerned. But even prior to stepping on campus, we had three UNC Chapel Hill students contacting us about starting a chapter so we knew we had a few students who agreed with our message. So what happened? Within five minutes of tabling with the regional director, Morgan Bergoon, a professor came up to our table and began to tell us that we were brainwashed and used a few colorful words. Within seconds I knew the situation was a little hostile so I whipped out my phone and began to record. You can click here to see what happened. But that day went well considering I got the executive board for the chapter at UNC set up and the ball rolling to be officially registered on campus.


But one of my favorite moments I’ve had on a college campus so far happened at a small private school in Wilson, North Carolina by the name of Barton College. We have a group of superstar activists who are articulate and have gone to TPUSA conferences before (specifically the Young Women’s Leadership Summit in Dallas just this past summer). They asked us to come help with them their organization fair. So I brought the materials and we tabled. But one professor didn’t agree with our message so he came up to our table with his fists clinched and nearly shaking in anger as he saw our “Commies Aren’t Cool” sign that has a picture of Che Guevara (a known communist) with a graffitied frowny face. He then says “Che is my hero.” Naturally, I began to laugh because there was no way he could be serious. Then the professor began saying Che wasn’t a communist and that I didn’t know history. So I began to list the number of horrible things Che has done to which the professor kept repeating that I didn’t know history. The professor stomped away and went to other groups talking horribly about us but we kept our chins up, our smiles on, and continued to table (more people signed up after seeing the disagreement than we had gotten before he walked up so thank you, professor!). However, later that day, one of my activists at Barton College contacted me letting me know that the school administration heard what happened at the organization fair and asked for my contact information. I told the activists to explain to the administration what happened. Apparently, the professor who had walked up to our table in a threatening manner and called us dumb numerous times forgot to mention to the administration what had really happened. Needless to say, Barton College administration apologized to my student for assuming the organization was in the wrong and that they no longer needed my information.


And lastly, the September 2016 TPUSA Chapter of the Month was award to East Carolina University’s chapter! I started this chapter last year at ECU and I couldn’t be more proud! The exec board at ECU has been phenomenal. They have all been performing their duties diligently, tabling effectively, utilizing social media, mobilizing college students, and setting up events like panel discussions, hosting speakers, and getting a free speech ball even prepared for October.


These activists in North Carolina are making the necessary changes on their college campuses by opening up a dialogue and creating coalitions of conservative groups by forming Free Market Alliances with some of the other like-minded organizations. I am proud to work with these activists and I know that they are making Turning Point USA proud as well.