Texas A&M University is one of the most conservative college campuses in the country where the majority of the students, faculty and staff support and believe in conservative ideals and common sense. This semester, Turning Point USA officially got recognized as a chapter, and they hit the ground running. At the first event of the semester, about twenty like-minded individuals got together on a Saturday night to watch a Presidential candidate debate and discuss all the major issues confronting our generation and country today.

Every week on Texas A&M’s campus, a group of superstar activists take time out of their busy day to start conversations with their peers at the busiest place on campus. This week, an activist and I converted a former socialist student into wholeheartedly believing in the message of limited government and capitalism. In fact, the conversations we are having on campus are making a huge difference because everywhere we go, we see Big Government Sucks buttons on backpacks and Turning Point USA stickers on laptops and water bottles. The message of liberty is spreading like a wildfire across Texas A&M’s campus and across the country! We expect our new chapter to grow significantly in the next few weeks – projected to double in size – as we continue to start conversations with our peers about conservative values.

I am so excited to see what the future holds at Texas A&M University for Turning Point’s message of freedom and free markets as four of our top activists and I journey to CPAC, in Washington D.C., this March, to connect with like-minded individuals and bring back what we learn. Our growth on campus and in Texas is incredible so far, and it is not stopping anytime soon! Thanks, and gig’em!

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