Time and time again, I am thoroughly impressed by the drive and passion of these young activists.  We have started a movement.  No longer are college campuses filled with a passive, one-sided atmosphere that steamrolls and silences young Conservatives.  Instead we have provided them with the opportunity to have their voices heard and the opportunity to truly enlighten their friends, classmates, and communities.


One of the campuses where I have had the greatest successes and a sincere pleasure to work has been Liberty University.  Our new Turning Point USA chapter there has had full support from two pro-liberty, like-minded student organizations: Christians4Freedom and Students at Liberty for Gun Rights.  We are slowly but surely building a strong foundation for future activists who will in turn enact real change in generations to come.


These students are no longer willing to passively let their futures go.  We’re ready to fight in the trenches to protect their freedoms.  I urge you to get involved with these organizations because we will win back our freedoms and protect our futures.  We have a list of powerful speakers coming to close out the semester before we ramp up our exposure and activism in the fall. See you soon!


Christians4Freedom                           https://www.facebook.com/christians4freedom/?fref=ts

Students at Liberty for Gun Rights     https://www.facebook.com/SL4GR/?fref=ts