Since I have started working with Turning Point USA, I have been kicked off of a few college campuses.  After the third time, I started to notice that this was going to be a challenge. The smaller, private colleges were always the ones to remove me.  And by that third time, I was also starting to become disheartened.  I started to wonder if it was really beneficial to drive to these smaller schools, if I was only to be asked to leave moments after arriving.  Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to visit a public university with a large student body? I would stand the greatest chance of reaching more students that way.  However, I’m not one to shy away from a challenge.


I remember being a young conservative attending a public university in Virginia. If I had to describe what that felt like in one word – it would be marginalized.  I can recall being called a sexist, at times a racist all for being a young conservative.  In my experience, one of the hardest parts of my undergraduate career was trying to be an activist when it felt like everyone was against you.  However, through my experiences on these college campuses here in Virginia, it has been such a privilege and joy to meet passionate, young activists who believe in making a change.

I had the opportunity of representing Turning Point USA at the College Republican Federation of Virginia State Conference two weeks ago.  And I had the distinct privilege of meeting the dedicated College Republican officers and members.  It was through talking with these students that I was rejuvenated to pursuing the development of new Turning Point USA chapters across Virginia. We’re taking back Virginia and we will take back the country!  

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