We are now at the halfway point of the semester and Turning Point USA in South Carolina is progressing rapidly. I am now working on chapters at University of Soulemke3th Carolina, Furman University, York Technical College, Winthrop University, Coastal Carolina University, University of South Carolina Upstate  and the College of Charleston.


We have been ramping up our efforts in the area of free speech. We have held free speech balls at University of South Carolina, Coastal Carolina University and had to postpone the event at the College of Charleston due to Hurricane Matthew. This event is instrumental in proving to students the importance of the first amendment. We’ve also participated in extracurricular events such as ESPN College Gameday in order to expand the TPUSA movement.


One of the most inspiring experiences I’ve had this semester was doing activism at South Carolina State University. SC State is a HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). That being said I was motivated to prove wrong the notion that young black Americans do not agree with conservative principles. It was relieving to see how many students stood for the constitution, specifically, the 1st amendment as I was petitioning for free speech on campus.