Turning Point’s presence at schools in Western and Central New York is becoming increasingly evident. Every campus I visit I hear things like “Oh you’re the one with the cool buttons” or “Are you the crazy Big Government Sucks people?” , that’s us. Not only do I hear the proof but I see it as well. “Big Government Sucks” buttons on backpacks, “I Heart America” stickers on laptops and even a variety of Turning Point USA posters in dorm room windows.

cl1With the recent controversy over Uber here in upstate New York, Turning Point is pushing a petition to get Uber upstate. Students are extremely excited to see that people are taking action in favor of Uber. In a few sessions of promoting this petition I have received about 150 signatures and expect that number to grow tremendously as I continue to promote this petition.cl2

My favorite part of tabling at these campuses is providing an alternative perspective on the issues that matter to our generation. Professors on these campuses are overwhelming liberal and they love to silence conservatives. Just to put it into perspective, when our SUNY Geneseo chapter was searching for its advisor (on a campus with a bout 300 staff members) we found 2 conservatives. These professors (whom are good friends) told us that they stick together because they are the only conservative faculty members on campus.One even mentioned that the last time he gave a public speech on campus they had to call in police personel because the liberal students and professors were outraged at his logic. Teaming up with professors who are pro limited government and free markets, is a great way to attempt to neutralize the absurd bias on college campuses.