Wow, I can’t believe we are already through January, the semester is flying by! Thus far with Turning Point I have started chapters at Iowa State, Coe College and Drake University, which have gone through hoops of private universities to establish themselves officially. I have also started a chapter at Assumption High School, and am really excited and happy to be working with this group of young men and women. I have met exceptional leaders throughout my time at Turning Point and I am really looking forward to working with these students throughout the rest of the semester. My goal for the week coming up is to get Drake, Coe and St. Olaf to officially submit paperwork and be recognized on their campus as a student organization.ch1

Besides starting chapters, I have participated at three student organization fairs: University of Iowa, Iowa State and St.Olaf. I am thrilled to say that St. Olaf was a success, and we are going to be recognized as an official group soon on campus; both St.  Olaf and University of Iowa have new conservative and libertarian groups in our Free Market Alliance! But my favorite place I’ve worked, was working at the Hillary event in Iowa, recruiting Hillary supporters, which was exciting and quite a feat! ch4

Overall I have really enjoyed my time working with Turning Point, and it has been extremely rewarding working with students, from opening students up to a whole new way of thinking, to being that resource students on campus are so desperately seeking. The message we promote is something I stand by 100% and am able to discuss with students openly and the practice talking with people helps me to improve in regards to not only advocating but I personally am learning every single day.

With all the excitement I’ve experienced this month from starting new chapters, to tabling at student organization fairs and recruiting Hillary supporters, my personal favorite week was School Choice week, which will probably be my hands down favorite week throughout these next few themed months of tabling. I loved talking about School Choice, especially since I live in Iowa and we do have ‘School Choice’ and having my mom work in a local school makes me knowledgeable about the subject, and allows me to easily promote and equal chance for education to students

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