Despite the nasty weather as of late, things are moving smoothly here in Cleveland, Ohio! John Carroll University just brought a brand new chapter to its campus. This chapter has several young and excited leaders that are working hard to spread Turning Point USA’s message across campus! They have already established coalitions with other campus organizations, tabled on campus, and are planning to hold a debate on the minimum wage. I expect big things from this chapter in the near future.

The Turning Point team in Cleveland is also looking to establish a new chapter at Case Western Reserve University. After tabling on campus, we have found some potential leaders for this new chapter. Though there are liberty minded individuals on the campus, it does not appear as if they have an active organization on campus to promote free markets and limited government. Given this, I am excited about the potential that Case Western Reserve University has to offer.

There is a lot of political buzz in Cleveland as everyone prepares for the Republican Convention here in July. Students on college campuses are looking for opportunities to become more politically engaged in this environment and we are looking to take full advantage of this! I am excited for what the future will bring for Turning Point USA in the future in Cleveland.