Here at the University of Alabama, we started off the semester in a winning mood. After bringing home our 16th National Championship in football, myself and my incredible team of Turning Point USA activists came back to campus ready to take our next victory–the White House. So far, we have had nothing but success. Since we reside in a red-state, our chapter’s primary focus has not been to turn liberal students into conservatives, but instead to give students the information and education to be an informed voter.

Our most successful project this semester has been registering voters at Greek Houses on campus before the Alabama primaries on March 1st. We have registered Greek Voters and educated them about Turning Point USA at four sorority houses – registering over 30 brand new voters at each house. As the semester progresses, we have plans for a mock campus-wide primary election, a debate against the College Democrats, and of course, tabling and clip boarding every week.

I spent a few days last week in the beautiful Mobile, AL working with an incredible student activist who wants to start the second Turning Point USA Alabama chapter at the University of South Alabama. After speaking with him and a few interested students, I have extremely high hopes for the new TPUSA chapter and believe that they will be just as successful as our chapter at the University of Alabama.

After 3 weeks in the field, I already have learned so much about the impact that Turning Point USA is having nationwide! From registering voters to educating students about the effect minimum wage could have on their campus job opportunities, everyday is a new victory and a step towards taking back the White House. As Robert Collier once said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”. While I am working in Alabama, I have 60 co-workers across the nation whom I can personally say are beyond dedicated and passionate, and are willing to put in effort daily until we reach success.

Stay tuned as I work with student activists across the state & ROLL TIDE!


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