The “liberal bias” on college campuses is no false narrative. Faculty, staff, and students at colleges  do not want conservatives to have a strong voice on campuses. Progressives intimidate and silence conservative students and professors every day on college campuses in the classrooms, in the dorm rooms, and on the quads. In most cases, students will see us tabling and say something like, “I’m surprised you came here, this is a very liberal school!” In one case, a faculty member approached my table and quietly admitted they were a conservative but hurried along before anyone had a chance to catch her. So, it is not easy being a conservative on the modern college campus.

However, conservatism is not dead on college campuses despite the backlash received from progressives. In the first three weeks of tabling, I witnessed hundreds of students across Western Ohio sign up with Turning Point USA to promote free markets and limited government. Also, in just the first few weeks of classes, we were able to make plans to organize events and begin starting new Turning Point USA chapters on a few college campuses where conservatives have little to no voice.


One school in particular where students are fighting back is Xavier University. At Xavier’s activities fair, we managed to sign up over 230 students for Turning Point USA. Two weeks later Turning Point and the College Republicans chapter at Xavier built a memorial on the 15 year anniversary of 9/11. While we built it we decided to make a video that explained why we are still proud to be Americans.

screen-shot-2016-10-02-at-1-59-34-pmSo, despite the liberal stronghold on college campuses, conservatives are still here and we are not going down without a fight. With the help of Turning Point USA conservatives can stand tall on college campuses once again.