It is no doubt that where there are Christians, there will be conservatives. Nonetheless, even at small Christian Liberal Arts universities, conservatism is not the most likeable ideology. Most Christians have become sort of apathetic to politics in general. However, anger and dissatisfaction with politics as usual is spreading across the United States like a pandemic, and Christians are not immune to the anger. When I step on campus with a giant “Big Government Sucks” sign, apathetic Christian conservatives come out of hiding, even those who are more liberal, and are primarily concerned with social justice, have been finding fuel in our message.


Walsh University in particular has proven to me that irritation with politics as usual is not simply a secular phenomenon. In just two visits, Walsh University has recorded the contacts of over 100 highly interested students and propelled their Young Americans for Liberty chapter to new, unforeseen heights. Typically, students just like our Ron Swanson posters, however, students at Walsh have been ravaging my supply of Turning Point USA publications! In fact, after hearing our unique message, a student in a “Bernie Revolution” hoodie left willingly with a copy of “Capitalism Cures.” Walsh has been inspiring to me this semester because I know that our work is informing and mobilizing students who would have otherwise been apathetic in this upcoming monumental election.


Walsh University is not alone. The University of Mount Union and Malone University have been almost as impressive as Walsh! Both Mount Union and Malone have both had moments of almost feeding-frenzy like sign-ups. At certain times I was extremely overwhelmed with the number of students trying to sign up, in fact, some students at Mount and Malone even went out of their way to bring friends by the table and get them registered to vote! Working at all three of these schools has proven to me that there are young, Christian conservatives out there, and they just need someone there to show them that they have a voice, and that voice is Turning Point USA!