The first month of this semester has been quite the experience. I’ve been at four different universities in Central Ohio and experienced so many different types of people. I’ve had those people that are completely apathetic to politics, some that are very excited that we’re on campus, and others that are hostile and very aggressive. So far I’ve made over 200 contacts, met with student leaders on several campuses and have a couple chapters almost ready to be started.

While The Ohio State University is my home school, and I have put a lot of effort into getting our Turning Point USA Chapter off the ground, I have also spent a good deal of time at Capital University, as well as meeting with students at Denison University and Otterbein University. Last semester at Ohio State we held our first ever meeting and it had about ten people in attendance. This year, we’ve had two meetings with 22 and 30 people respectively. We hosted a great event with Former Congressman Joe Walsh and have many more great events in store.

All of the schools I work at, with the exception of Ohio State, are small private schools, therefore, I have worked closely with College Republican chapters to get in and table. In one day, during school choice week, I managed to gather over 100 contacts! I am very close to getting a chapter started there and have already identified students that will take on leadership roles. Additionally, I’ve found a great energetic leader to help start a chapter at Otterbein University. This semester is off to a great start, and I know it will be a very successful year.