This past month working out on the field has flown by.  I’ve visited multiple college campuses, met hundreds of students, and drank a lot of coffee!  The first week of field work was tiring and rough, but after a while you get used to students ignoring you and the few that come talk to you make it all worth it.

At George Washington University I’ve had the most luck with recruiting.  Students there are always looking to get involved with new things.  Once you learn the best attention grabbing techniques it is really easy to get people to want to be involved.  So far at GWU we have started a chapter, found a couple student organizations to work with, and made over 300 contacts.  There have been few hiccups along the way, but we are making definite progress on GWU’s campus.


George Mason University is another campus I frequent.  Their College Republican group is amazing!  I’ve been working with them for about two weeks now and in those two weeks they have definitely grown in membership.  They are all dedicated to recruiting and that makes tabling really fun for me.

emily4 I’ve visited a few other schools; American University, Catholic University of America, etc. but George Washington and George Mason have been the two that have really stuck out to me.  They’ve made my experience as a field director both rewarding and enjoyable.  I love working with my star activists and can’t wait to see how much we can accomplish the rest of this semester.