“I’m a Socialist!” “I’m a Tea Party Conservative!” “I don’t care!”  Everyone has their own opinion.  As a Virginia Field Director, we try to channel that energy into positive discussions and funny stories.  The last month has been a very exciting time for Virginia.  There have been visits to dozens of college campuses and community colleges.  We have reached out to thousands of college students.  Whether a 20 second conversation or a 10-minute conversation, we love to talk to anyone about TPUSA.  It is great to hear college kid’s opinions about government, Capitalism, or even Uber.  These conversations can get intense!  That’s the great thing the about the 1st Amendment.  We have the freedom to speak our minds.

Over the last month, I visited Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, John Tyler Community College and J Sargent Reynolds Community College.  VCU has a lot of diversity and A LOT of opinions.  U of R tends to be more conservative; people love to debate and have open discussions around campus.  Community colleges are more insightful.  The students at the community colleges know the importance of going to school and saving money before attending a four-year university.  What surprised me the most in my job is the number of students who are not politically informed.  I have met students who believe in limited government and students who believe in total government control.  Still, there are a surprising amount of students who do not care at all.

You will find TPUSA Field Directors tabling in the student commons or clip boarding and walking around campus.  We receive positive feedback from students and even some teachers on campus.  People will say “Thank you for being my voice”, “Thank you for what you do”, and/or “I love your funny Capitalism posters!”  TPUSA likes to use more humorous aspects of politics and real world events to reach out to our college students.  We intend to start TPUSA chapters at many of our VA college campuses in the next month.  Our goal is to have 5 TPUSA chapters by the end of the semester in the Richmond, VA area.  If you see us around, make sure to say “Hey!” and grab a “I LOVE CAPITALISM” button.