The semester is off to a great start with Turning Point USA at IOWA! We had come off a strong spring semester and really wanted to focus on recruiting new activists and really emphasizing that this organization is not just another student group, It is a movement. We started our information tables on the first day of classes and students on campus were pleased to see us off and running. During the second week of classes, we had the student organization fair which turned out to be a huge success!  With good weather, people, and messages students were super excited to see a conservative movement on a liberal campus.


This semester is going to be a great one. As a movement on campus, our activists are starting to brainstorm different ideas that will bring a massive audience to our events. Most of the events that we see on campus include free speech walls, speakers, and several other things but we want to think outside-the-box. One of our activists is planning a tailgate with TPUSA! We are very excited to release details soon. Also, Turning Point USA at Iowa will be showing the film, “Comeback” which discusses the cures to poverty in the US. We want to team up with Fraternities and Sororities to grow our audience.


Our main mission on campus is continuing to educate the students at The University of Iowa on the values of the free market and limited government. We want to continue to prove that government is not the answer and that We the People hold the power. We will continue to focus on recruiting new members to grow our chapter and continue to give them opportunities to share their passion with others.