The University of Iowa’s Turning Point USA chapter is off to a great start. The constitution and registration were finalized before Christmas break and it’s exciting to have students eager to sign up!  I have made significant progress on campus. I have noticed how much students truly hold Conservative ideals but have had nowhere to turn until Turning Point USA became a force to reckon with on campus.gj

gj4I’ve noticed just how intimidating it can be on campus with our blatant signs and humorous foam boards but hearing students tell me, “I’ve been looking for something like this!” or “I can’t believe this actually exists on such a liberal campus, its great!” really makes everything so much more worth it and pushes me to excel in our efforts. I realized I am truly making a difference! This semester is going to be great. I have big plans to get more students interested and active on campus. I am currently working on bringing conservative commentator and radio show host, Ben Shapiro to The University of Iowa. Ben was known for his outspoken lecture at Mizzou and getting students out of their “safe spaces.” Ben will be a great guest to have and I’m confident he will attract hundreds, if not thousands, on campus. My goal is to have students focus on that college is not somewhere to go to be coddled and comforted. That is what is so great about Turning Point USA, we want to make people uncomfortable and put people on the spot about why big government sucks. The University of Iowa’s Turning Point USA chapter is surely on the rise!