Utah has become a bastion of freedom and battleground for liberty on her college campuses. Turning Point USA has been on the front lines doing work every single week to advance the cause of reigning in the corruption and bloated size of our federal government and ensuring that individuals retain their God-given rights.

Turning Point USA has not only been fighting for these causes in Utah but also has enabled student leaders to expand their horizons in the political world through opportunities to network with legislators and other organizations, appear on radio and television shows as well as becoming influential figures on their campuses.


On September 29th, the University of Utah’s Turning Point USA chapter hit the streets of their campus to raise awareness for damaging free speech codes and encourage students to flex their first amendment rights. The first amendment was designed by our founders to protect us, the people, from the overreaching influence of the government and their attempt to limit our rights. Because too many of our universities receive substantial aid from our federal government, often with strings attached, our universities have become an arm of our government, attempting to educate our students, while maintaining strict control of the narrative, and curriculums taught on our campuses.

In order to ensure our first amendment is protected, we must ensure that universities, especially those receiving government and taxpayer money, protect free speech everywhere on campus and that all ideas, not just those of a liberal nature, are guaranteed protection as well.

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Turning Point USA has also been growing rapidly in Utah. Just recently, a new chapter was started at Utah State University and had a significant presence at the kickoff club fair that was hosted in late September. Students everywhere are beginning to see the immense work that must be done on each and every campus to ensure that our future is one where people maintain the right to dictate their own ideas and express them without fear of punishment from those who hold their degrees and future in jeopardy.


Here, Anthony Alfieri, a Leadership Institute field representative and I, were able to visit the Utah State Capitol and appear live on K-TALK radio during the interim session of the legislature. We talked about liberal privilege on campus, especially the viewpoint discrimination of our professors, who silence conservative voices on campus during class and during events held throughout the year.

Our clubs have even started hosting events that have garnered large crowds and made it on to massive displays throughout campus!


Our chapters have been busy representing our views of fiscal conservatism and limited government on panels such as the Political Panel offered at Utah Valley University. Here Matt James, a very active member of our chapter at UVU answered questions about policy and ideology at Pizza and Politics, a weekly Political event hosted by the Political Action Committee of Utah Valley University’s Student Association.

We even went to Vegas to be on Sean Hannity’s show. This show represented many of Turning Point USA’s leaders including our founder Charlie Kirk among other field staff who brilliantly displayed knowledge on various issues that affect millennials today.


We will continue to fight for limited government on our campuses in Utah. We know what is at stake and our chapters have shown the immense support that is behind us. Turning Point USA is a force to be reckoned with. Stand aside progressives, we are taking our country back!