Chapters of Turning Point USA are popping up all over Utah this semester! The movement that Turning Point USA has started across the nation has not only shown up in full force at the top schools in Utah, but also begun to make a difference by changing students’ hearts and minds. At the University of Utah’s Welcome Week, students said they were waiting for Turning Point USA to show up so that they could get involved. The time is now.


Some students couldn’t wait to sign up! They grabbed the tablets before hearing a single thing about our organization. The materials that are used on our tables is not only relevant but also attractive to this younger generation that has grown up in a meme culture that prides itself on witty one-liners and funny one liners. This in-your-face marketing strategy is working in an age where students are glued to their phones and struggle to stop anywhere for 5 minutes to lend their attention.


We also held successful organization fairs at Weber State University and Utah Valley University, where students immediately went above and beyond to ensure they were joining the fight against the failed policies of the past.


Our activists everywhere in Utah have been hard at work petitioning, clip-boarding, hosting events, and doing everything they can do to make a difference on campus! We are on campus every week educating students about different topics and dispelling the myths that have been indoctrinated into today’s youth.


Our push for freedom this semester will target free speech zones and free speech permits on campus which are, according to recent legal precedents, unconstitutional. Today, it’s not uncommon to find yourself on a college campus that restricts or limits speech in some way.


For that reason, hundreds of students have voiced their frustration with the policies on their campuses and have stood with Turning Point USA in the push to reform their campus. Many students are completely unaware of the threats that face free speech on our campuses.


Turning Point USA will make it a priority this semester to fight for free speech on campus and ensure that students are able to express their opinions, whatever they may be, wherever they find themselves on campus.


Apart from educating college students, we also strive to network with other conservative organizations and offer them valuable resources to have effective voices on campus. These are also our nation’s next leaders and so we find it incredibly important to reach out to these groups.


Students are excited everywhere to educate, engage, and enlighten a generation that has the potential to define our country’s future. We are fighting because the stakes are too high. We are fighting because our nation is at stake, our values are on the line. Big Government Sucks. Socialism Sucks. We are the generation that will take our country back!