It has been an exciting time in the field here in Oregon.  This term I have been able to get around to Linn-Benton Community College, Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Portland State University, Western Oregon University, and George Fox University.  I am particularly excited about the groups forming at George Fox and Western Oregon.  It is exciting that now students who I have never met before are coming up to our table having heard about Turning Point USA from either friends or social media, ready to get involved.



Leading up to and following the election, students are definitely paying attention to what is happening in the political world.  There seems to be a real frustration with the status quo, and I think people are really interested in hearing about solutions.  That is where I am happy to come in and talk to folks about how limited government and free enterprise can really improve their live and the lives of those around us.





There are a great deal of students who are really getting fed up with the progressive “safe-space” culture on college campuses.  For many of the activist getting involved with Turning Point USA is almost akin to joining the Rebel Alliance.  Many people are tired of being told that they are not allowed to voice their opinions and see the dangers of censoring speech.  Now is a better time than ever for young people to band together and fight back for their rights to express themselves and live their lives the way they see fit, without interference from the government.