Over the past few weeks, I’ve been working hard to educate the students at the University of West Florida about the benefits of School Choice, Capitalism, and informed Patriotism. Team Florida, as a whole, has been working hard to mobilize and register college students to vote throughout the state.

Check out the great things happening on UWF’s campus!

jamesward1My favorite activism week included promoting National School Choice Week. I was able to partner up with the UWF College Republicans on campus to assist me in tabling at the University Commons. Thanks to the help of the organization’s Vice President Justin Fountain and Executive Director Jazmyn Singh, together, we were able to show the students of the University just how sweet school choice could be by handing out slices of our National School Choice Week cookie cake. In fact, one student took a bite of it and said, “If only Washington D.C. could taste the great opportunity in this cake.” It is refreshing to see positive energy for the betterment of education. jamesward3

Furthermore, our Turning Point USA startup chapter at the University of West Florida is continuing to grow after the installment of four new outstanding leaders. The chapter’s new officers are: Vella Flores-Holder (President), Charlotte Davis (Vice-President), Jazymn Singh (Secretary), and Gabriel Sutton (Treasurer). Together, they are going to do a great job at educating their team on the importance of fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government.

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