Heal the Bern: Redefining Capitalism on College Campuses

This semester has challenged me to meet new students, engage on campuses, and have deep conversations about important issues. Before I worked as an activist, I could never have imagined the fantastic and exciting conversations I would have and the diversity and excitement of the students I would encounter! I truly believe that TPUSA is bringing students together, giving us a voice, and empowering us to make change happen.


During my second week of tabling, we tackled the topic of capitalism, an often controversial topic on college campuses. Surprisingly, most students realized that capitalism is actually pretty awesome! Because there aren’t many chapters in my area yet, I was tabling at Old Dominion University, with the goal to try and find interested student leaders to join our critical movement.


My favorite part about tabling has been asking students questions in order to engage them as they walk by. Often I have a few lined up, for example, a student walked by one day eyeing my sign, so I cheerily asked, “What do you think about capitalism?”

“Well, it’s bad I think.” She responded hesitantly, as she read my giant I <3 Capitalism foam board.

“Well what do you think about entrepreneurship? Do you think it should be easier or harder to start up a business?” These were my back up questions, which receives a positive response most of the day.

As we talked more about capitalism, entrepreneurship, and the opportunity that the free market provides, she started to agree. She was excited to learn how important capitalism is to our economy and growth. We got excited as we talked about Turning Point’s message, and how she could spread the word on her campus. Soon, we’ll be meeting for coffee to talk more about leadership on campus!

“So I guess you’re a capitalist.” I told her as we finished speaking.

Welcome Darryan, a new convert to the Turning Point USA cause!