I have witnessed some great activism on behalf of our Turning Point students all over the Maryland and Virginia region so far this semester. Our George Mason chapter recently got involved in the fight for free speech at their campus in response to a national conference being held by Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP).


Students for Justice in Palestine has a reputation of inciting violence and hate against the Jewish people, the State of Israel, and those who support it; along with silencing dialogue and denying free speech by interrupting pro-Israel talks and intimidating students on university campuses all over the United States and in Europe. The movement has appeared to have gained momentum, and when we found out that the national SJP conference was being held in my region, we knew we had to stand up to them.


Our Turning Point chapter at George Mason formed a coalition to bring around 50 activists to protest SJP during their conference. Turning Point USA student activists from George Mason, American University, University of Maryland, Regent University, and others led a protest that lasted a couple hours face to face with the SJP conference attendees. They were told not to engage with us, but a few did. Needless to say, our activists did most of the talking, and we expressed how we will not tolerate the message of SJP. Turning Point was happy to take on the fight for free speech on the behalf of pro-Jewish, pro-Israel students. We will do it for them, and we will do it for anybody.