North Carolina has long been a political hotspot. As a major swing state in every election, North Carolina plays a major role in the dictating the national debate. It is for this reason that Turning Point has beefed up its operations in the state.

Last semester, I was one of two field directors in the state of North Carolina. Prior to our presence, there was relatively little infrastructure in terms of Turning Point Chapters. We essentially started from scratch.

By the end of the semester, we had started a network of Turning Point Chapters throughout the state. We had a presence at most major universities and have had numerous successful events throughout the state: including a state wide free speech blitz that was co-sponsored by Project Veritas.


This semester we built upon the momentum started in the spring. We have grown to a team of three and have already begun working hard to continue growing. We have begun targeting the remaining major universities and hopefully will have a full blown presence throughout the state by years end.

Starting before school was even in session, we began hitting every major club fair in the state. Together, and individually, we have made our presence known. NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Asheville, Western Carolina University, Eastern Carolina University, UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Wilmington, Duke University, UNC- Greensboro, Barton, and many more.

So far this semester the team in North Carolina has worked tirelessly to identify the students that were excited about our message and turn them into effective voices on campus for limited government and free market capitalism. We are working to have an established chapter at every university in the UNC system by the end of the semester. We also want to expand our reach to all major public universities, as well as any private university, though Duke University is our major target.


Many of the universities that we have targeted are without any conservative voices. In fact, conservative and libertarian leaning students typically are taken back when they see our signs, posters, buttons, stickers and shirts. Many times I’m asked if I am doing what I do to be ironic or as a joke. When they find out that I am 100% serious, they couldn’t be more excited.

These kind of responses make the work I do so fulfilling. I, and the organization I work for, works to empower and embolden a population of people who have been systematically silenced nationwide. At every turn, other student organizations as well as campus administrations, are working to silence conservative voices across the country. We are giving those students their power back.
I look forward to seeing the fruits of the tireless work that me, and the team that I am part of, is doing. I believe that as our network grows, and as we work to strengthen and build our students, they will change the dialogue and direction of the state of North Carolina. Winning over the hearts and minds of the millennial generation is not only important, it is essential.