Working for Turning Point USA has become an invaluable experience that I will never forget. I have reached so many schools in Georgia and talked to so many students who actually care about politics and just needed someone to give them the opportunity to realize the importance of getting involved. I appreciate the two forms of talking to students that we utilize at Turning Point: clip-boarding and tabling. Both of these activities are great ways to reach students, but each in their own way.IMG_0484

I recently discovered the wonders of clip-boarding. When I first started out, I would only table on campuses, but I started to get a little flustered when school officials started denying or hindering me from setting up a table on campus. This made me resort to clip-boarding, which is exactly what it sounds like: you take a clipboard with a sign-up sheet around campus and talk to students. Clip-boarding is the best way to get the largest amount of student contacts and also a better way to get to know the campus. However, you lose the deep conversations with students when you clipboard because it typically leads you to have shorter conversations.

Tabling is great because it gives you the opportunity to be noticed and approached by students who will come to you and know that you are representing a political organization. When tabling, you have more opportunity to talk to students in depth about Turning Point and give them materials from the table. Although tabling is not as good as producing a great number of contacts, it leaves more of an impact on the campus because the rally signs and the materials you hand out get dispersed amongst the students. I have really appreciated my field work this month and growing the ways that I reach students.