“What is this for?” Who knew those words would come to mean so much to me in the past few months. Typically when I table on campus, I have to lure students in by offering candy or asking them questions that they can’t walk away from. It’s when students see the posters with strong TPUSA slogans and stop to see what we’re all about that I remember the purpose and feel so proud to be able to share this great movement with them. Tabling for Turning Point has already done so much to better me and get me more involved in politics, but it has also done much for the students on campuses across Georgia. I strongly believe that without Turning Point USA many of the students on the campuses I have visited would never have heard Capitalism and Conservatism being advertised in a positive light.


One of my favorite moments from tabling was during the “I Heart Capitalism” week. I was talking to two girls at Savannah State University about why Capitalism is a good system for America and how Capitalism was what the success of America was built on, when the girls said “Yeah! I agree and I’ll sign up for that!” After signing the card, one of the girls looked up at me and said, “Does this make me a Capitalist?” and I said, “Yeah.. I guess it does!” It is so encouraging to meet students who really do ca re about the movement but just haven’t been given the context to express, or even realize, their views. I have only had a few students try to argue their liberal positions, but each interaction I have had with students has been civil and enlightening for both parties. Turning Point USA has provided me with such good talking points, such as the comparison of Uber to the Taxi Cab system, that liberal students often walk away having changed their mind on the issue or not being able to support their flawed position.

It has been a great first month of tabling in Georgia. I have only covered a small portion of the schools in my area, and I am so excited to reach many more students across my region. So far, learning the art of tabling and networking with students has been a smooth process due much in part to my manager, Stephanie Conway, and the other TPUSA activists I have kept in touch with who provide a great network of support. Because of the mission of Turning Point, students in Georgia are seeing Conservatism re-branded in a fresh and exciting way. It is truly an honor to be a cog in this great machine and help spread the movement in my state.