This month I had my first opportunity to table with a student activist who is interested in founding a Turning Point Chapter at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).  The VCU campus is located in downtown Richmond, Virginia and has over 30,000 enrolled students. This means there are a diverse number of student clubs, organizations, and groups.

While we were tabling I saw that conservative students were so excited to see an organization on campus promoting the principles that they believe in!  I was particularly struck by one student who told us that he had already started his own small business and was hoping to continue to work for himself after graduating from VCU.  laurahutson1

I look forward to continuing to work to found a Turning Point Chapter at VCU, all the while, I also had the opportunity to speak at a joint College Republican and College Libertarian meeting at William and Mary, alongside Jessie Rapelje, a Turning Point staffer living in Virginia Beach.  Jessi and I spoke about the background and mission of Turning Point, as well as our daily lives as Turning Point staffers.  We then opened the floor for questions. I was very impressed by the questions asked by the students from each student organization.  They were thoughtful, insightful, and curious.  We spent a lot of time talking about how they could speak with and approach conversations with other different minded students on their own campus, which I know firsthand can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it comes to even beginning and continuing to have an open conversation with a person who holds different viewpoints.laurahutson2

This month has been full of great opportunity to promote and educate the message that Big Government Sucks, and Capitalism Cures, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for VCU.