I recently held a Free Speech Ball event at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with the VCU Chapter’s President and Vice President.  The President and Vice President have been doing an awesome job with activism events for this new Turning Point USA chapter.  They have learned a lot about drawing in students and talking with them about the chapter and why it is being formed.  We held the event during a week when a controversial exhibit was being displayed on campus, making it a perfect time to allow VCU students to express themselves by writing on the Free Speech Ball in a fun way.  I’m looking forward to watching this chapter continue to grow!

I have also been meeting with growing chapters at Longwood University, James Madison University and William and Mary! All of these chapters have a strong leadership and a growing membership! Throughout my fieldwork experience at these schools, I have discovered that students are really excited about engaging with us on the issues of fiscal responsibility and limited government. They want to discuss and learn more about these important issues and are passionate about having the opportunity to do so!


picture1-copyThis semester, I have also learned that some school administrations are friendlier than others. Some even have helped our chapters to learn the rules and be able to follow them without getting in trouble. Other administrations have not been as friendly and consistently approach us to make sure we are following all of the rules very carefully. It has been interesting to see that schools like the Virginia Commonwealth University an urban school with plenty of liberally inclined students and administrators has been one of the most welcoming and helpful campuses to our cause. It is great to see a thriving chapter developing there with the help of the administration and the student body.