Confusion – that has been the look on the faces of Virginia’s students during the last month when I’ve asked them what they think of big government.  They are stunned that I’m asking them a question they have never been asked before in the classroom, that I want to hear their thoughts and opinions, and that I want them to get involved and thinking about how big government will impact their future.

As I have gone to Virginia’s campuses and talked with students I have had a number of individuals ask me “What do you mean by big government?” – I love this question.  I almost always answer this question by talking about one of the most poorly managed federal agencies, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

As one of the largest federal agencies it is one of the greatest examples of how big government has failed our nation,  especially our veterans, who receive care there and face inefficient government employees who hide information, and falsify data  for personal gain.  This example of how big government hurts a group of individuals always gets a Turning Point USA sign-up!

As one of several new Field Directors in Virginia, this month for me has been about building foundation relationships with students and campus organizations, such as the College Republicans at Lynchburg College, who invited me to be the speaker at their chapter’s first ever meeting!  I’m looking forward to the months to come and knowing that Turning Point USA will have tremendous success on Virginia’s campuses.


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