This is a BIG semester for schools in Texas. For those of you who may not know, this is the last semester before the Campus Carry law takes effect in the great state of Texas. This has most certainly cause uproar at many different Texas schools and is going to continue to be a wide topic for debate.

With the help of some other like-minded conservatives on campus, we began a Free Market alliance group called the Liberty Club of the University of Texas at Tyler. Last semester, we were mostly tabling around campus and letting the students know that we were present on campus and that conservative students had a place to go where they can voice their opinions. Now that we have established our footing on campus, we have bigger plans for the semester. Several of our club presidents have sat in on every Student Government Association (SGA) meeting this semester and are taking action against their unconstitutional executive action. Thanks to the hard work of our very own vice president and student senator, we have already sponsored a bill requiring student government to do live video feed of their meetings, so that the entire student body has access to what is going on in SGA, which is a huge step against SGA’s lack of transparency to the students of UT Tyler.


Student Government primarily consists of liberal students at UT Tyler, a school with more conservatives than liberals. Let’s be real; we live in East Texas and everyone here owns guns. Our liberal Student Government is in charge of designating the “exclusion zones” for the campus carry policy, and some of them extremely ridiculous. Due to the fact that there are students in my club standing up against them, SGA is currently trying to pass an amendment to the school constitution that essentially says that the Executive Board of SGA can have meetings in the summertime when SGA is not in session, and pass any legislation they want without the input or vote of the general assembly. We can only suspect that one of their secretive summer efforts would involve passing unconstitutional legislation regarding Campus Carry, the present Tobaccos Free Campus proposal, and raising the tuition for things like $2500 recycle bins!

This semester, Liberty Club intends to expose SGA’s unconstitutional actions to the general public and encourage conservatives to run for Student Senate. We are also going to be encouraging schools in Texas to do the same. Keep up the good fight Texas!