Big Government Silences. That has been the biggest motto on our campus since the beginning of the semester. A lot has been going on at the University of Nevada Las Vegas this semester. We have the privilege to host the third and final presidential debate on October 19th 2016. We have been informed about this last semester, and we have been preparing for a long time. Our chapter here at the UNLV  has been growing substantially since the beginning of the semester. We officially became a registered student organization, held many events, and is continuing to look for new passionate members.


We are always looking for leaders to take over campus, abolish the free speech zones, and talk to students about the importance of small government and free market capitalism. One big event we hosted this semester on campus was the free speech ball. We informed students about the atrocious rules the university is trying to enforce on our campus. We were walking around campus with the huge free speech ball talking to students about how they feel about free speech. We have received opposition from a few students about hate speech and whether or not we agreed with protecting free speech. After explaining the importance of protecting the first amendment not only throughout our campus but in our country, they were all in agreement that the first amendment is something we need to protect.

We also love to have a great time with our activists. In order to gather my members we also hosted a debate watch party for the second presidential debate. We all gathered together in a huge suite at the Vdara on the Las Vegas strip to host a debate watch party. We have had a great attendance and a great discussion about conservative politics.


A big project we have worked on for a long time this semester was our movie screening event with the organization Opportunity Lives. We were fortunate for this great opportunity to gather over 100 students at our university to learn how free market capitalism lifts individuals out of poverty. We are all in agreement that capitalism and free markets is the most fairest system that has been discovered in our history. The movie has been great in showing countless inspirational stories about how these organizations have helped out the homeless and those who suffer from stricken poverty.