Free speech is an important issue on college campuses, so Turning Point USA wanted to celebrate free speech in the face of threats from things like safe spaces and trigger warnings! To do so, we sponsored two weeks called “Your censorship offends me”. Many of our chapters did free speech balls or free speech walls, where students could write anything they wanted. Due to the free nature of free speech, this meant we often ended up with a variety of messages such as “Black Lives Matter”, “Vote Trump”, “Vote Hillary”, or references to various conflicts, such as Israel-Palestine.

screen-shot-2016-11-16-at-5-39-36-pmOne campus where we had great success doing this was Illinois State University! Our chapter president Andy Byars and I set up our free speech wall on the day before elections and students swarmed to sign up, and draw…. We also did the free speech ball at Northern Illinois University.

Students LOVED it. We rolled the ball around for a few hours and let students write whatever they want. Because we had used this ball before, the ball already was full of other people’s thoughts and opinions, which made it all the better. The free speech ball at Northern Illinois was a collaboration between our Turning Point chapter and Young Americans for Liberty.