Last semester was all about beginning, we started building a presence at OSU for the first time, and we got the school to recognize us as a chapter. We spent the whole semester building the base, we got well over 2,000 student contacts, and we built the foundation for what is going to become the grassroots army that will change the narrative in this country. So with the successes of the fall semester, we went into the winter/spring semester, looking to build on the success, but with a different mission in mind. Like I said, last semester was about beginning, this semester is about growing.


We had our first meeting on January 21st, with only 2 weeks to prepare we were able to get 30 people to come, all of whom were excited and motivated to get involved. From there, we found the momentum we needed to feed into our next event where we hosted former Congressman Joe Walsh. We walked into the first meeting with a stack of pizzas and a couple bags of 2-liters, and the chapter president at OSU, Devin Bilski, addressed the group. We got everyone there who wasn’t registered to vote, registered for the first time, and found people who wanted to get involved with helping us do our activism work.

Following our successful meeting, on February 4th, we held our first event. We hosted former U.S. Congressman, Joe Walsh from Illinois. Joe is a good friend of Turning Point’s, so we were very excited to host him, having seen him speak many times I know the kind of energy and inspiration Joe can bring to a room – and he didn’t disappoint! Joe brought the fire, and enthusiasm that the people there had been missing. He did exactly what we needed him to do, light a fire underneath these kids so that they would mobilize. We were absolutely thrilled with how the event turned out, and are looking forward to huge growth in the future.